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Some musical genres are about clarity and perfection, and have been established hundreds of years ago; others, for a change, are all about freedom of expression and true, heartfelt emotions. One of them is jazz, which is full off surprises and improvisations, and has had a long and tumultuous history as well. Starting out in the western world as a part of a back-alley culture, it immediately won the love of those who believed in a freer and more harmonious world, and it continues to do so to this day. That is why so many high class publications are centered on this great and expansive art form, covering its every imaginable aspect.

If you want to read more about the captivating roots and evolution of jazz, which merges a series of cultural elements, these magazines cover a wide range of aspects, such as the lives and careers of today’s most prominent artists, both classics and newcomers; you might find many surprising bits of information about your favourite performers. Albums soon to be released on the market are also an important feature of most, if not all jazz-oriented periodicals, and you can get all crucial facts such as their content, availability, release date, price and so on. Not only will you get the latest news regarding solo artists and jazz bands, but also about the best jazz compilations currently available on the market.

As delightful as jazz music might be in the comfort of your own home, it is even more spectacular when played live, therefore any jazz enthusiast would want to keep an eye out for oncoming events in their vicinity or anywhere else. You’ll get a full info regarding the location, the performing artists, ticket availability and price, so you can plan ahead and enjoy every event. That covers every kind of jazz ever to emerge across the globe, from the original African jazz to the most surprising symbiosis with very modern genres, and everything in between.

In addition to that, you can read about the many instruments used in the creation of impressive jazz pieces, such as the saxophone, the drums, the guitar and many more. Some publications reveal a significant amount of facts from the history of these instruments, as well as the most prominent musicians they helped reach the peak of their fame. Also, you can learn about various locations, such as clubs, renowned for hosting the performances of talented jazz artists, throughout the years, from the early days of introducing this genre to the western society and to this day, when jazz has millions of fans worldwide.

And although there are many variations, the core of jazz is reverberating strong emotions through the melodious sounds of freely interpreted works of art. It lacks the pretentiousness of some stiffer musical genres and also the blank dreariness some brand others with; also, commercial is the last trait one would attribute to it – therefore, it must be good. If you enjoy jazz, then you’ll find these publications highly enjoyable as well.

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